What do we do


Nowadays the Industry 4.0 indicates the current revolution within the industrial automation. It is characterized for having intelligent distributed control systems with the ability to analyse great amount of data thanks to "Big Data" and "Internet of Things (IoT)". In the same way, completely reconfigurable modular systems, with a great number of inputs and more outputs, prevail over the old large centralized control systems.


SADIQ Engineering can confront its improvement project and the maintenance of its automatic installations as well as adapting themselves to the Industry 4.0. For that purpose, we suggest personalised solutions in order to control your sensors and actuators to resolve your automation needs. We take on finding the most inexpensive and efficient solution for every situation. The philosophy of our systems is:

  • Energy efficiency
  • sadiq slcModularity and flexibility
  • Great connectivity


We have designed a specific low cost hardware for the modular control of production lines. It permits to supply our clients with the required flexibility to reconfigure their lines in the simplest way.


As an example, we can develop hardware composed of control isolated inputs and outputs managed by a microcontroller. This hardware is scalable since it can be interconnected with other modules through RS-485 communication, LAN network wiring or wireless technology like WIFI.


SADIQ Engineering is specialised in solving problems of measurement of different parameters and to integrate them in customized devices based on microcontrollers, designing the electronics for your device or prototype. The developed devices are centered in obtaining the best quality-cost ratio, respecting functionality, as well as selecting the components for the best energy efficiency.

Among others, we can integrate into your customized device:

slc boards


  • lineal and angular position
  • displacement and deformation
  • lineal and angular speed
  • acceleration
  • torque
  • pressure
  • mass flow
  • temperature and humidity
  • presence and proximity
  • light and colorimetry


  • Wireless communication (WIFI, Bluetooth, Zigbee, GSM... )
  • Wired communication (USB, LAN, RS485, CAN)


  • GPS Location monitoring
  • Access control
  • Portable, on-board and permanent devices


Nowadays it is required the implementation of specific software devoted to the collection, analysis and visualization of a big amount of the data generated from the productive processes, what is known as Big Data. In addition, because of the several programming languages that are present in the different industrial scenarios, the companies encounter big difficulties for finding qualified professionals for maintenance, expansion of projects and the analysis of the data generated through these processes.


Our working team is capable of developing software in different situations:

  • Microsoft environment, C, C#, VB for embedded and desktop devices.
  • Microcontrollers using C language
  • National Instruments environment
  • Mobile devices: iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
  • Databases

We can create software devoting to:

  • Control
  • Data visualization
  • Management

Tell us about your project and we will study it without obligations.