Optical Welding Supervisor


Welding quality monitoring device OWS "Optical Welding Supervisor":



Key features:

  • Connection to the measurement zone usign optical fibers.
  • Integrated 10,4'' tactile screen.
  • 4 customizable digital outputs for control and supervision purposes.
  • 4 customizable digital inputs for control and supervision purposes.
  • 2 USB connectors for data extraction and connection of peripherical devices.
  • Ethernet connection for remote management.
  • Reduced dimensions (350x250x120mm), what eases portability.
  • Storage unit based on Solid State Technology, increasing reliability and speed.
  • Device optimized for low power consumption, mantaining an adequate performance.


equipo posterior

Integrated software offers:

  • Real time monitoring of the welding process with automatic "process start" detection.
  • Defect warning in the current welding process. Defect zone identification.
  • Internal storage of the analisys data for tracking or problem identification. On-screen historical and statistical data.
  • Excel export of the results for external analisys, graphics generation... etc.
  • Detection method customization, including its decision thresholds.
  • Password protected to avoid the use by non-authorised personnel.



equipo cableCustomization options:


  • Actuators/indicators for operator (indication,interaction).
  • Customization of digital connection to external equipment for process control (discard, warn...).
  • Additional production line (analysis of various production lines with the same device).
  • WIFI for wireless remote management.
  • Possibility of replacing the internal screen for an external one.


  • In general, requirements of the clients: Tracking, data export to custom formats, graphics and comparatives. Results reports. Remote management... etc.


OWS - Product sheet