SADIQ Engineering offers welding quality monitoring systems based on optical technology, by means of the analysis of the light generated during the process.

Our systems allow an on-line, real-time analysis, thus giving rise to customized alarms for the welders or acting directly upon the welding robot, among other possible solutions.

We have experience in arc welding processes (TIG, TIG-orbital, MIG, etc.) and laser welding, these are widely used in multiple industrial sectors:



  • Aeronautics
  • Automotive
  • Nuclear
  • Energy
  • Heavy components
  • Buildings
  • Civil engineering




One of the main difficulties in this regard lies in the inherent complexity of the physics involved, what in practice implies to spend a lot of time in previous studies, welding coupons and both destructive (macrographs) and non-destructive (X-rays, penetrant liquids, magnetic particles, etc.) evaluation techniques to ensure that the seams are correct in terms of a specific quality standard.


As main features the following can be mentioned:

  • Use of optical fiber sensors: easy setup, flexible, non-invasive and immune to electromagnetic interferences (EM)
  • Reliable spectral analysis on real-time
  • Different defects can be detected: pores, cracks, lack of penetration, oxidation, spurious elements detection, etc.
  • Suitable for any welding process where light is emitted



Our systems cover a key necessity found in many of the processes where welding quality issues play a major role: on-line real-time monitoring. The main advantages can be summarized as follows:

  • Cost saving
  • Reduced production times
  • Improved productivity
  • Increased control over the process